Saudi Arabia has expanded its investor visa to make it available to investors from all over the world, with the application process now available online.

This marks a substantial leap forward in improving accessibility for international investors as part of the second phase of the groundbreaking “Investor Visitor” e-visa service. It therefore expands its availability from around 60 countries to include every nation worldwide.

International investors are no longer required to physically visit a Saudi embassy for visa applications. Instead, they can effortlessly apply for the “Investor Visitor” e-visa through a user-friendly online platform. This digital visa offers not only convenience but also versatility, permitting multiple entries and having a validity period of up to one year.

Lucky applicants may gain immediate access, enabling them to explore a plethora of investment opportunities within the Kingdom. This significant development aligns with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 initiative, which concentrates on fostering a thriving investment environment and facilitating the commencement of business activities within the nation.

The Ministry of Investment of Saudi Arabia has designed this e-visa service to empower international prospects and employees of foreign entities with a hassle-free application process.

Mohammed Abahussain, Deputy of Integrated Investors Services at the Ministry of Investment, explained that the platform will manage the entire application process and digitally issue authorizations through the unified national visa platform of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This innovative approach eliminates the necessity for physical visits to Saudi missions abroad for biometric data collection.

This expansion includes individuals from countries listed on the “Invest in Saudi Arabia” platform, as well as those who already hold valid tourist or business visas from the United States, the United Kingdom, or Schengen countries.

Furthermore, individuals with permanent residency in the US, the UK, or EU countries can also take advantage of this service.

Additionally, individuals with valid residency for a minimum of three months in Gulf Cooperation Council countries and entities licensed by the Ministry of Investment are eligible for three immediate visas per year.

Saudi Arabia’s transition to digitize its visa application process represents a significant stride in welcoming global investors, reaffirming its commitment to economic growth and international cooperation.

This transformation sets the stage for a more prosperous and interconnected future for the Kingdom and its global partners.

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