MENA’s energy industry is at a crucial turning point, with pressure to achieve net-zero and diversify economies dependent on fossil fuels creating a golden opportunity for the region to emerge as leaders in the global energy transition. Balancing objectives of security, sustainability and equity will be paramount to taking this from a regional vision to an industry reality.

Reuters Events is excited to announce our BRAND-NEW event in the region, Energy MENA 2023 (Dubai, December 6-7). Save the dates now to join 200+ decision makers to define the region’s energy agenda as they strive to diversify economies and claim independence from traditional fuels. Running on the side lines of COP28, we will build on the global net-zero objectives outlined by the convention and embed these into a tailored action plan for success as we convene in Dubai to unlock MENA’s energy potential.

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6 key themes to secure your role in MENA’s energy future:

  • Financing MENA’s Energy Transition: Position yourself to capitalize on MENA’s sustainable future as green funding access increases in a region gearing up to lead new energy markets
  • Decarbonization Strategy to Achieve Net-Zero: Consider ROI from decarbonization in a new light, with new carbon policy, trade relationships and technological developments bringing price points down into the CCUS equation
  • Grid Infrastructure and the Integration of Renewables: Understand the infrastructural developments facilitating the roll out of renewable power and discuss how to overcome obstacles in the way of meeting peak demand, without supplementing the energy mix
  • Technology Trends Driving Sustainability: Explore how companies are harnessing the power of new tech developments providing innovative energy solutions across the entire value chain. Understand how you can take action to remain competitive in a sector fuelled by paced development
  • Balancing the Trilemma: Set the pace for MENA leadership on the global stage through considered strategic and policy initiatives which work to reduce economic vulnerability by decreasing fossil fuel dependence

Be the first to see the full agenda and industry-leading speaker line up – Pre-order the Energy MENA Brochure here!

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