In August, the sleepy town of Afikpo in Ebonyi state comes alive with a thousand masquerades. This sight is the stuff that destination marketing is made up of. Ebonyi state with its numerous thousand kilometers of eight-inch concrete paving roads will be a fun destination for road trips for fun-loving people.

As the Ebonyi Airport nears completion, the mix is set. Soon, brands and corporates should gear up to take advantage of the human art of the festivals, the dances and kilometers of beaches on the banks of the River Cross, and other sights of Ebonyi state to deepen their engagement with diverse audiences.

The Tour Du France is a cycling event that pools billions of euros in advertising spend as millions of eyeballs watch international cycling stars compete for its coveted prizes.

Ebonyi state has a unique topography that would be great on the big screen. Plains, rice fields in the swamps, rocky hills, and the two rivers Ebonyi, and River Cross meander through the land. Beaches and palm trees provide sunsets and an exotic air that would not be expected in the south east.


From Ndibe beach and Oziza beach, it is easy to imagine a cycling trip that runs through the state, through notable stops at the Okposi, Uburu and Enyigba salt lakes.

Probably, this imaginary cycling tour will end in a ceremony at the Olympic stadium at Abakaliki once completed.

It’s just a matter of time before an annual tour in ebonyi will spike a demand for hotels in Ebonyi on various apps like, bookings,com, while uber, bolt and in-driver move the visitors around. The telcos, beverage and fmcg brands will cash in, while the state, and small businesses run by the local population cash out.


Visit Ebonyi. Tokwehu.

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