Citadel Views Estate (CVE), a leading sustainable residential housing development company, is providing access to constant and affordable power supply for its prospective residents in the Sangotedo area of Lagos State.

Deploying cutting-edge solar energy solutions and biogas sewage treatment system, Citadel Views Estate is perhaps, the first of its kind in Lagos, with a housing model focused on sustainable living. This is being done alongside other modern technology solutions designed to improve the quality life, such as stealth security system, world-class recreational areas, and water treatment facility.

To ensure constant power supply without noise and air pollution, Citadel Views Estate homes are designed with scalable solar solutions that let each household get its own power while still being connected to the national grid and central gas-powered backup generators. CVE’s security system employs CCTVs and other modern devices to keep residents safe whilst boasting of a vast array of recreational facilities, including two swimming pools, a state-of-the-art gym, tennis court, football pitch and children playground.

“Having successfully delivered over 580 homes in 2020 alone, we have introduced our signature quality housing solutions to the Sangotedo axis of Lagos,” said CEO, Citadel Views Estate, Ichechi Okonkwo.

CEO, Citadel Views Estate, Ichechi Okonkwo.

“Citadel Views Estate illustrates our commitment to making high quality living affordable to all through an array of housing options with exceptional features. We believe a home should be more than a residence, it should be a place with the proper infrastructure and environment that enhance people’s capacity to achieve their dreams,” she added.

The estate’s location is also strategic. Its proximity to the Lagos Business School, a renowned citadel of learning for business programmes, adds significant value. In addition, its location along the Sangotedo axis of Lagos, close to several attractions including, Akodo Beach, Novare Mall, Atican Beach, and Lakowe Golf Resort is guaranteed to enhance residents’ living experience.

“The facilities and buildings at Citadel Views Estate are based on design principles that do not sacrifice luxury or comfort for affordability,” said Director of Project, Reinder Kamstra, “with a wide range of housing from 1-bed cribs to super luxury 4-bedroom detached houses, we have choice options for everyone.”

Citadel Views Estate offers a wide range of home options for purchase on instalment basis. The various house types are given catchy names. For instance, the one-bedroom apartment is My Crib, while the two-bedroom apartment is The Nest. The four-bedroom luxury semi-detached duplex with BQ is The Royale.

With the aim of elevating the living experience of its residents, Citadel views Estate consists of 175 apartments with a total of 525 rooms and 350 units of car parking space, all on 33,900 square meters of land. The estate is expected to be completed by the last quarter of 2022.

About Citadel Views Estate

Citadel Views Estate is an expression of Victoria Crest Homes (VCH). We have been in the forefront of the Lagos City luxury real estate market, delivering exceptional residential houses around the Island. With over 580 housing units delivered in 2020 alone, we are building communities equipped with the finest amenities from bare lands and in the process, helping investors maximise returns with significant value.

Citadel Views Estate is poised to redefine the living standard for all and sundry, as evidenced by our motto, elevating your living experience.

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