The eNaira speed wallet applications recorded over 100,000 downloads from the Google Store in 24 hours after the digital currency was launched on Monday, even as some users complained about some glitches.

Aside from the Google Store, the wallet can also be downloaded from the Apple Store, but the number of downloads from this store could be accessed as of the time of filing this report.

The President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), launched the central bank digital currency, called eNaira, on Monday.

To access the eNaira, users have to download the ‘speed wallet’, which allows users to conduct transactions with speed and ease. It is the digital storage that holds the eNaira and is held and managed on a distributed ledger.

The speed wallet had a rating of 2.0 from 2,150 reviews on Playstore as of 5:45pm on Monday as users complained of glitches.

One user said, ‘I am trying to sign up using my bank, but it keeps complaining of my name not matching. Later it said too many attempts for my BVN. You people need to play along with other countries with this crypto matter.

“At least since I have provided my BVN, the app should be able to access my data automatically. Nigeria has made a great step, but it needs to be improved. Because what is the essence of inputting my BVN and NIN if it can’t automatically access my data.”

Another user said, “Very poor user experience so far. It is a known fact that email wasn’t a mandatory requirement when setting up BVN; now this app wants to use the BVN email.

“This can be simply fixed by using the phone number as user ID instead of email. Now, there will possibly be a stampede of people going to update their BVN. Why do they keep making things hard for people in this country?”

Another user said, “Telling me to contact my bank for email validation despite knowing that banks can make life miserable with things like this.

“In my opinion, it is best if you provide a place where someone can put preferable email on the app because that’s the beauty of using the app not ‘yeye’ old ways of the banking system.”

While complaining about the need for emails attached to BVNs, a user said, “Email not attached to BVN. Contacted my bank and they said I’d need to locate the branch where I registered for BVN in order to update my email.

“The ridiculous part is that the bank has my email where they send my transaction receipts, but they want me to travel far just to update my BVN email. If you want people to use this app, simply make it easy. This is far from easy.”


A large number of reviewers of the app on Play Store complained about their emails and BVNs.

In a response to one of the email queries, the CBN said, “Before you begin, you need a valid and active email address linked to your BVN profile.

“The system fetches your BVN-linked email address based on the KYC info. You also need your correct personal information such as: first name and surname, state of origin, and date of birth associated with your BVN details.”

However, the eNaira speed merchant wallet fared better, with over 10,000 downloads on Play Store and a 2.8 rating.

The speed merchant wallet, which is designed for businesses, allows merchants to offer a convenient way to receive money.

According to the CBN, the success of the eNaira is largely dependent on its synergy with financial institutions.

Meanwhile, Buhari said on Tuesday that initiatives to drive the digital economy and fight corruption in the country should give investors “a lot of comforts”.

Among the initiatives mentioned by the President are eNaira, Treasury Single Account, Bank Verification Number, and National Identification Number.

Speaking at the fifth Edition of Future Investment Initiative Summit held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, he said his regime would keep encouraging public and private initiatives that increase investments in various sectors of the economy.

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