A digitally-driven project, “Tajiri” which is channeled towards empowering African youths and small-scale businesses in Africa was recently launched in Lagos, Nigeria.

The initiative which is driven by the need to help the livelihoods of people especially young Africans, women, and SMEs in Africa grow to the capacity in which they can drive the economy, aims at providing strategic solutions to the identified challenges Africa is facing.

Blessed with a population of about 1.3 billion people, huge natural resources, massive arable land, and a youthful population, Africa is currently being ravaged by unrest, hunger, and poverty – fueled by the rising number of the unemployed youth population, lack of opportunities, and adequate support for businesses and start-up

Against this backdrop, the Tajiri team headed by Kabiru Abiola highlighted five big problems that hinder the majority of Africa’s small businesses from becoming financially free as; Cross Border Commerce Constraint, Financial Exclusion, Poor Infrastructure and Support for Businesses, Poverty, and Rising Rate of Unemployment as well as Limited Global Digital Economic Integration

These problems have brought about the need for the socio-economic empowerment project named ‘Tajiri’, which in Swahili means wealth, hope, or riches depending on the context it is being used.

The Tajiri Project team is building a ‘Tripod Pillar’ to combat the identified major problems of the African economy as earlier mentioned. One of such is, ‘The Tajiri Financial System (Backbone)’, which aims to provide solutions that will facilitate ‘cross-border trading and exchange of value’ as well as financial inclusion.

They are also building the Tajiri Digital Economy Enterprise Lab’ which is aimed at facilitating digital economy integration for young entrepreneurs, women, and small businesses in Africa. This is a deliberate approach towards building an enterprise lab that will develop solutions and platforms; which will enable anyone to monetize their skills, knowledge, experience, and passion as well as help small business owners go digital. Connecting them to finance, markets, and professional support.

The last but not least part of the project plan is ‘The Tajiri Industrial City’ which aims at combating infrastructure issues, as well as the massive unemployment rate using the ‘Grid model’. This means that Tajiri Ecosystem will be having mini-industrial estates and business cluster grid for different industrial sectors across Africa, building platforms and foundations that will stimulate industrial revolution across Africa. The industrial estate and business cluster grid– will host and incubate businesses and accelerate start-ups.

The Tajiri project is built on blockchain technology, as the project team wants it to be a truly decentralized ecosystem, one Africans can do business amongst themselves, have access to and own a stake in, wherever they are in the continent. It shall be powered by a hundred billion units of Tajiri tokens called “TAJI, created on the “Binance” blockchain network which shall be the primary medium of exchange in the ecosystem as well as a representation of stake-holding in the project. Holders of Tajiri tokens shall also enjoy regular dividend emission.

The team believes that TAJIRI, being the first of its kind in Africa and indeed the world, will have mass appeal and a very fast adoption rate, therefore encourage Africans to quickly take advantage of what the project stands to offer especially now that the project is giving away some of their tokens via the telegram app. All interested participants can take advantage by clicking on the activation link below https://t.me/tajiri_bot

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