Think and Pitch is a bank-wide competition among staff of Fidelity Bank, regardless of their level or department, where innovative ideas for digital product are developed, and pitched before a jury for a chance to win amazing prizes, and the opportunity to work towards bringing the ideas to reality.

This year’s competition was themed – The Quest, and staff members were encouraged to collaborate in groups of 3 to pitch their ideas. Teams from across the nation sent in 2-minute videos to pitch their ideas. A first-level panel consisting entirely of staff across various levels was set up to shortlist 5 ideas. Panel members had one thing in common – a passion for digital solutions.

The top 5 finalists emerged from the judging process:

  1. Team Savvy pitched a voice command product to reduce the incidence of fraud
  2. Team Gen Z’s pitch was for the customization of account numbers
  3. Team Cobalt Wallet pitched an innovative peer-to-peer payment solution
  4. Team EcoNeo pitched a digital alternative to traditional Banking methods
  5. Team Pacesetters pitched a product that would convert airtime to cash.


All 5 finalists were invited to pitch their ideas in a live virtual event before the entire Bank and a jury made up of members of staff who have consistently championed digital transformation within the Bank. It was a tough call for the judges but ultimately, Team EcoNeo’s idea emerged as the winning pitch, followed by Team Savvy and Team Cobalt Wallet.

The winners of the competition, Team Econeo said, “It is indeed an honour to be one of the progenies, birthed on the podium you conceived. A platform that has, and will continue to curate the dreams and aspirations of the staff of this great institution’’. According to the Mrs Nneka Onyeali-Ikpe, the Managing Director of Fidelity Bank Plc, “In the following weeks, all the finalists will be actively involved in bringing these ideas to life with support from the respective product teams’’. Staff inclusion has been a major thrust of the Workforce Transformation pillar highlighted by the Managing Director.

Fidelity Bank in line with global best practices, we recognize staff as the most critical resource and is committed to their motivation.

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