Barikisu Comic#1 Cover


Story telling in comics is not new. Thanks to Marvel, and all the WW2 series.

But having a succesful publishing schedule of original African, Nigerian stories in print and available on digital channels is a feat, from Epoch Studios. In ISSUE O1- BLOODLINE, the Epoch Team springs a story from the ancient City of Zazzau in 1610 where Queen Amina defends her crown against the Warriors of Kubra, lead by Mayakinyaki. Queen Amina defeated him at the cost of her her life. Flash forward to present day Kaduna; the descendants of Mayakinyaki seek to wipe out all remnants of the bloodline of Queen Amina. Meanwhile, someone bears the mark of the great Queen, and she will defend her clan. She is Barikisu.

As a great storytelling, by Nigerians, of Nigerians in history, the Barikissu story is a collector’s item for children: both history and fun in the same ink.

Yarning further, Amina works on honing her newfound powers with her dad as her instructor, in ISSUE O2- YAKI ZEALOTS. However, suddenly Baki Wuta, the Sorcerer from centuries ago resurfaces and doesn’t waste any time assembling the militant Yaki Zealots to unleash mayhem upon the ever-wary Custodians of Zazzau and this time they head straight for the Emir’s Palace. Barikisu and her father have to hold off the Yaki Zealots led by the ruthless Shehu Bako before the custodians arrive…how will they fare?


The Author

Martin Okonkwo
Founder, Epoch Studios


Martin Okonkwo multiple award winning comic artist is the founder of EPOCH STUDIOS and publisher of the popular comic titles including AEGIS, Barikisu, Moondust.

An avid reader, graphic designer /award-winning Illustrator, he trained at the prestigious University of Nigeria, Nsukka (2003) with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine and Applied Arts with over 13 years’ experience in the Creative industry.

An expert graphic designer, Illustrator, draughtsman and digital painter, he is goal oriented, focused and principled.

Martins in committed to supporting various sectors of the Nigerian economy to thread the path of original story telling in marketing communication and retooling the educational curriculum. His interests span all of the visual and performing arts.

He has worked with top ad agencies including SO&U, IMS, ZK ( Now Yellow brick Road) and X3M ideas.

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