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India and China are not our mates. I recall that Indian firms like InfoSys are so integral to the business models of major US firms like Accenture and IBM (business process outsourcing), that they were/are in positions to influence the issuance of entire categories of visas.

I was asking myself this question; “is there a single Nigerian firm (headquartered in Nigeria) that employs up to 1,000 people in the US”?

I suspect the answer to that question is no. But you’ll find Indian and Chinese firms doing those numbers.

The world operates on “leverage”. When Nigeria stopped exporting large amounts of crude oil to the US, it lost a lot of leverage.

The Saudis and Gulf states are a lot smarter than we are, they spent money, lobbied and invested heavily in the US.

They have leverage, we don’t.

This world is not about who produces the most masters degree holding immigrants or who cooks the “best jollof rice”. It is about who has leverage and who uses it.

Nigeria’s problem is not that foreigners don’t like Nigeria, it is that Nigeria has no leverage.

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