New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP) founder Boniface Aniebonam has pledged that the party’s presidential flag bearer, Rabiu Kwankwaso, would strengthen Nigeria’s unity if elected president in 2023.

At a media conference on Friday in Lagos, Mr Aniebonam said the former Kano state governor has the qualities Nigeria needs to make things work for the country.

“NNPP is bringing a leader that is truly patriotic, someone that will look at all the impediments, human barriers that create problems in the country and remove them.

“A leader with honour and integrity, courageous, has all it takes, stays out of corruption, a leader that will strengthen Nigeria’s unity,” he said.

Mr Aniebonam said as the name implied, New Nigerian People Party, every Nigerian was looking forward to a Nigeria where leadership was provided, where things were reasonably done.

He added that the welfare of a greater number would be taken into account; food on the table, state of the nation should change from consumption to production.

“This is not a difficult thing to do. What should he disturbing us is why are these things not happening,” he said.

On security issue, the party founder said it was a collective responsibility, adding that government had to be in front because they had the machinery.

“We all know what the problem is all about, we are not united and that is why we have all these infiltrations, we are all suspecting ourselves.

“That is the basic thing I am advocating for, that we need to bring Nigerians together, let everybody know that they are brothers and sisters, leadership will provide that.

“What is important is a better Nigeria, Nigerians want to live a good life and so the issue of opposition does not come in. And our interest is on how to provide Nigeria with leadership,” he said.


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